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Christopher Davis

I am action-oriented and always strive to push the curve of technologies. I have developed and supported enterprise software products in the security and other spheres. I enjoy working on open source projects that allow me to develop functionality and techniques that enhance my skills. I have developed and implemented cloud-based navigation systems for websites that need advanced, high-performance searching.

I have been lucky to work on three, large greenfield projects, including an application modeler, enterprise security product, and a job board platform. This is an area at which I excel: taking limited requirements or ideas and turning them into production products quickly.

Graduated CS/Mathematics
Consulting for MCI/Plantation Pipeline
Helped build startup Intradiem
Created first ORM mapping engine
Started building faceted navigation engines
Jackson Healthare building job board infrastructure
Hewlett Packard building enterprise security products
Created 100s+ GB faceted search engine

My latest work

Fortify FoD

I have been working on a enterprise security product for many years. It scans websites for vulnerabilities, processes massive amounts of data and diplays dashboards to developers and executives.


I am a faceted navigation aficionado. I have been working on projects for about 10 years that involve this unique search technology. It has been implemented on numerous job boards and search sites including,, security products, and several medical job board sites. The most aggressive use of this tech took hundreds of gigabytes of data and made it faceted searchable in a multi-tenant SaaS solution in under 1 second in most cases.


My passion for many years has been ORM technology. In collaboration with others, we have implemented a modeler that generates Entity Framework code in version 6 and .NET Core. It allow a team to make multiple database changes every day and database tracks changes with minimal effort. There are several custom extensions like static methods to act on bulk changes, multi-tenancy to completely separate tenant data bleed, and security functions to lock down user-based data. The tech is being used on an enterprise level product at a large technology company.

Medical Resume Parser

Another challenge project was to create a generic resume parser to take any sort of medical resume and parse it for multiple data points. This included not just the standard personal information but medical specific items such as NPI, DEA number, years experience, state licenses, publications, presentations, residencies, research, memberships and much more. This was not done with AI but used hundreds of heuristic points.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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Christopher Davis

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